Is about life in TEXAS along the Brazos River.  

This is a TEXAS river.  

It starts inTEXAS and

Drains water from only TEXAS.

A history of life along the Brazos River.

This is a page of links. Each link tells a story or describes the early settlers lives in

Fort Bend County, Texas. Fort Bend is the county just southwest of  Houston,

Texas. Early communities are listed by name.This is the history of Fort Bend

County, Texas from the early Angelo American settlers arriving inearly 1820, their

troubles with nature, with Mexico and the fighting for the Republic of  Texas.

 Emphasis is on the efforts of particular individuals. There are towns

[communities] listed because they existed and some of those listed don't exist


"Lively" Schooner and Immigrants

at the mouth of the Brazos River in 1821.

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Fort Bend County Texas

Brazoria County Texas

The Republic of Texas

and other Texas History

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A historyof floods on the Brazos River Including Brazos River

historical flood articles.

View a ride on the swollen Brazos River

Hurricanes that hit Texas


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Definitions of a League, Cito etc  These are terms used by the early settlers.                                                                                

Class Designations for Settlers  Land was awarded based on the performance of settlers.                                                           

Mexican Texas Contains information useful in understanding the political climate of early Texas.                                                     

Texas History Timeline Important events and their dates.                                                                                                         

EVOLUTION OF A  STATE      Noha Smithwick

Chapters 1-4 [PDF]   Chapters 5-10 PDF]  Chapters 11-15 [PDF]  Chapters 16-20 [PDF]Chapters 21-26 [PDF]


Run Away Scrape  by Delue Harris   Leaving Texas ahead of Santa Anna is told by a participant.                                                 

The Texans Win Independence  Battles won and lost, plus what defeated the Mexican Army.                                                      

Texas as A Nation 1836 to 1845                                                     


The shape of the Republic of Texas  The boundaries of the Republic of Texas by the comprise of 1850.


See the Republic of Texas on a modern map    

1915 Map of Fort Bend County
1936 Map of Fort Bend County
1955 Map of Fort Bend County

The Civil War and Fort Bend County


Railroads in Fort Bend County                                                                                                                                           

               Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado                                                                                                                               

               Texas Western Narrow Gauge Railroad                                                                                                  

               San Antonio And Aransas Pass Railroad                                                                                                                

               Sugar Land Railroad                                                                                                                                                 

               International and Great Northern Railroad, Houston Tap or Columbia Tap Railroad    


               Cane Belt Railroad                                                                                                                                                  

               Damon Junction To Damon                                                                                                                                  

               Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad                                                                                                                       

Duke, Texas   Ghost town [marker] is the story of a ghost town in eastern Fort Bend County, Texas.                                      .

                1909 Map of`Duke


               David Fitzgerald and his decendents, the Fenn family  [marker]                                                     


               David Fitzgerald                                                                                                                              


               Sarah Catherine Fitzgerald Fenn Cox                                                                                                


               .John Rutherford Fenn                                                                                                               


               Rebecca Matilda Williams Fenn                                                                                                      


                Daniel Perry  [marker]


                John V. Morton


                Morton Family


                Nancy Morton


                Morton Family Saga


                Mary Morton Huff


                Mrs Hubbard


                Moses Shipman and his Decendents


                The Duke Cemetery


                Duke Residents that Served the Republic of Texas


                W. P. Hamblen, Judge


                Sugar Land Railroad, Destination Duke, Texas


                Twin Cisterns


                UNITED STATES LIFE-SAVING SERVICE of Galveston about the July 1899 flood.


                Baptist Church Formed in 1870 by freed slaves this is the oldest Black church in the area.


                 Death of a grave  is the story of  the tombstone of Lola V. Harris. Starting with color photos taken in 2004, followed with research to discover her identity, the disrespect shown by a major subdivision home builder and communications between the Fort Bend County Historical Commission and the home builder trying to discredit her burial location.


                The start  of the Arcola Plantation


                The Arcola Community


                David Fitzgerald   Owner Until 1840


                John R Fenn  Owner during 1840-1841


                Johnathan D Waters  Owner during 1846-1872


                Waters Grave   4 miles west of Duke


                Thomas Pierce Owner during 1872-1872


                ThomasWilliam House  Owner during 1872-1905


                Arcola Plantation for sale in 1908    is a prospectus for the sale of the plantation. There are black  and white photos of the operating plantation.This is a 26 page presentation.

                House, Texas   Ghost town


                Thomas Howe Scanlin Owner during 1908-1950


                Scanlan Foundation Owner during 1950-


                Sienna Plantation   Owner from 1950 to the  Present. Subdivided by the Johnson Corp.


                Cultural Resources Assesment of Sienna Plantation


                Map for Cultural Resources Assement of Sienna Plantation


                Arcola second Sugar Mill shown on an 1890 map and discovered in 2011


                1890 Sketch [Map] of the plantation area.


                Plantation Photos Today are color photos of what remains today.


                    Read the complete story about a steam engine. 1861 sugar mill steam engine.


                    Read about the Osceola Plantation in Brazoria County Research paper.


                                Read about the Chenango Plantation in Brazoria County


                                Brick barn next to the steam engine. This barn is made from homemade brick.


                                The history of this special Scanlan Plantation House


                                See the interior of the house


Fresno, Texas         Was Riceton, Texas Was Malvern, Texas


Juliff, Texas  Ghost town


                       Tigner Family History   Including the Hugh Pannell family


DeWalt, Texas Ghost town  [marker]


Dew Plantation Plantation home built about 1900.


HOBBY, TEXAS  Ghost town  same location as Blue Ridge, Texas


 Smada, Texas  Ghost town    Shown on the 1915 map  Located at Hwt 6 and old Mill Rd  in                                                 Sugarland, Texas


Stafford, Texas  [marker]   Was  Staffordsville   Was   Stafford's Point


Missouri City, Texas  [marker]


Hodge's Bend, Texas Ghost town


Sartartia, Texas  Ghost town


Sugar Land, Texas  [marker]

                         Benjamin Franklin Terry

Imperial, Texas  Ghost town


Clodine, Texas  [marker]


Harlem, Texas  Ghost town


Cabell, Texas  Ghost town


Hickey, Texas  Ghost town


Foster Community, Texas  Ghost town [marker]


                Foster-Stuart Family Tree


                Stuart Brothers


                John Foster Land Grant [Spanish]


                John Foster Field Notes


                Scout Randophf Foster


                Randolph Foster Field Notes  


                Randolph Foster Land Grant [Spanish]


                Randolph Foster's Life


Fulshear, Texas  [marker]


Flewellen, Texas  Ghost town


Simonton, Texas


Pittsville, Texas  Ghost town


Gaston, Texas Ghost town


Site of Thompson's Ferry  [marker]


Helinora, Texas Ghost town


Thompsons, Texas


Booth, Texas  Ghost town  [marker]


Big Creek, Texas Ghost town


Crabb, Texas  Ghost town


Richmond, Texas  [marker]

                     Randal Jones

Rosenberg, Texas  [marker]


Needville, Texas  [marker]

Fairchilds, Texas

Long Point, Texas  Ghost town


Marlow, Texas  Ghost town


Hanson, Texas  Ghost town


Guy, Texas


Damon, Texas


Cottonwood, Texas Ghost town


Beasley, Texas  [marker]


Powell Point, Texas Ghost town


Kendleton, Texas  [marker]


Tavener, Texas  Ghost town


Wenzell, Texas Ghost town


Randon, Texas  Ghost town


Orchard, Texas  [marker]


Cleveland, Texas  Ghost town


Germania, Texas   Ghost town 


Vossville, Texas   Ghost town




Antebellum days


Treaties of Velasco


Texas Declaration of Independence


Floods on the Brazos River      uses Rosharon, Texas [FM 1462 crossing of the Brazos river] as a guaging point for historic water levels. This page has a history of some major floods in Texas.


See photos of the Brazos River in minor flood stage.         Page starts with an Airplane shot of the Brazos River at low water for comparison to the water level in minor flood stage. The trip tarts at Juliff and continues upstream to HWY 90A it Richmond.


1899 Tropical Storm Number One


UNITED STATES LIFE-SAVING SERVICE of Galveston on the early July 1899 flood.




Bass Bites Rattle Snake  A dangerous fish bait.


A 32 DAY TRIP    from Honey Hole Magazine - Aug/Sept/Oct 2002 issue.   A trip on the Clear Fork                                of the Brazos River from Abeline to Possom Kingdom Lake.















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