Booth, Texas

Booth                                         Marker located on FM 2759 in Booth at Booth Rd.[1973]

Founded by freeman Irby Booth (1866 - 1931) about 1890, shortly after he bought the surrounding property. In the early 1890s, Booth went to South Carolina and brought back 30 families to settle his land. Early crops of cotton, corn, and rice were shipped to market via the Brazos River. The post office opened March 21, 1894. By the early 1900s, the town of Booth had a syrup mill, sawmill, and was serviced by the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad, by which sugar cane, alfalfa, and truck vegetables were shipped. Booth Public school opened in 1908 and operated until 1947.   

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Tevis, Frank F., 21 Mar 1894

Booth, Freeman I., 28 Dec 1894

Booth, Tom R., 23 Oct 1931

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