The Cane Belt Railroad was soon purchased by Gulf Coast and Santa Fe Railroad [G C & S F RR] and ran south to Long Point, Guy, SENA  JCT  [Junction with Texas and New Orleans Railroad], Mooredale and on to Wharton County to the New Gulf sulphur plant at Bowling.The Cane Belt Railroad built a line from the Thompsons Switch community in 1930.

The line parallel to FM 1301 was actually a Southern Pacific branch built under the name New York, Texas, & Mexican - road the SP acquired control of it in 1885 which ran from Rosenberg to Victoria.  Construction began in 1903, almost 25 years prior the development of New Gulf, and circled E, SE, S, SW and finally W into Bay City and ended in (Tres) Palacios.  Once New Gulf was formed, Texas Gulf Sulphur wanted to avoid monopoly freight rates and the case went to the TX RR Commission (when it actually performed railroad related duties) with SP, Missouri Pacific (StLB&M) and Santa Fe (Cane Belt) all competing (SP trying to justify their monopoly and the others wanting a piece of the pie).  The RR commission found in favor of the Santa Fe and so the Hall District was constructed between Cane Jct (near Hwy 60) to Thompsons TX in 1930-1.  This was the final extension under the Cane Belt name.

The railroad track going Southwest form Thompsons Switch went to New Gulf to the sulphur plant at Bowling Texas. There used to be a train everyday that would come through Thompsons carrying Sulfur to Galveston. Uncle John  Lundell, Uncle Lee "Buddy' Lundell, and Weems Moller used to go there every Sunday to play Golf. It was the only golf course around in the forties and early fifties. I used to go with them and mess around.

Huge pieces of sulfur spilled from the train along the main tracts in Thompsons. We would gather the sulfur, put it in Coke bottles. Then we would heat the sulfur until it reached a liquid state. When it cooled we would break the bottle and have a sulfur Coke bottle. Not a great idea now but fun then. By dumb luck we never burned ourselves.

FM 762 crosses the old Cane Belt Railroad roadbed just east of the intersection of FM 762 and FM 1994.

Looking toward Thompsons Switch from FM 762 just east of the intersection with FM 1994

FM 1994 runs parallel to the railroad roadbed on the west side ot the roadbed from FM 762 to Long Point, Texas.

Welcome to Long Point, Texas. Turn East [left] to cross the railroad roadbed.

FM 1994 crossed the Cane Belt Railroad roadbed at Long Point, Texas

If you turn left you will enter the Sulfur plant. There will be a lake on your right that marks the spot the Sulfur wells were. After the Sulfur was melted underground with boiling hot salt water it was pumped to the surface and allowed to cool [harden] in an area the size of a city block. Actually the block was divided in half with three inches deep Sulfur cooling on one half while the other half was filled. Tubes were placed to allow dynamite chambers when the large block of pure Sulfur was blown apart for shipping. The lake occured by subsidence after the Sulfur was removed below it.

FM 1994 turns right after crossing the roadbed. Again it follows the roadbed but on the opposite side.

If you turn right on Zamanek Rd. there will be the roadbed crossing within 1,000 feet. To follow the roadbed, you must return and continue on FM 1994 [Long Point, Guy Rd] to Guy. After crossing State Hwy 36 the road becomes Vrlla. The first road to the left is Marek, and should you turn left the old Damon railroad roadbed will be on your left. The roadbed behind you at this intersection has been removed, but you can line up where the SENA Junction was.

This picture of the old Damon railroad bed was taken across the Cane Belt railroad bed from Marek Rd. The next road towards Rosenberg from Guy is Walek Rd. So this picture is facing towards SENA Junction and Damon.

The Cane Belt railroad continued to the town of MOOREDALE, TEXAS  before it crossed Cedar Creek. 

The RR continued on to New Gulf Sulfur at Bowling Texas and Y'ed with another RR at Lane City.

Below are photos of the bridge across the San Bernard River.

Cane belt RR bridge over San Bernard River, Top view


Cane belt RR bridge over San Bernard River, roadbed view.


Cane belt RR bridge over San Bernard River, Approaching view.


Cane belt RR bridge over San Bernard River, Supports.

Above is the route of the Cane Belt RR through Wharton County.




This is CANE JUNCTION, located south of Lane City in Wharton County. HWY 60, the road shown to the west of the Y junction, runs between the towns of Wharton and Bay City. The Y's shown in each of the above photos enables the train to be turned around for a return trip.

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