Clodine, Texas

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Cartwright-McCrary House                               [1979]

Jesse H. Cartwright (1787-1849), a native of Mississippi, moved to this area in 1826. He built the original part of this home, a two-room log structure, on a 1000-acre tract in 1830. A planter and land developer, he also represented the area in the Republic of Texas Congress, 1836-1837. Following his death the plantation was sold. Joel McCrary, Jr. (d. 1910) bought the property in 1887. Several additions were made to the house during his ownership.   Read more


Brittain, Jas. H., 12 Apr 1893

Hassank, John E., 15 Feb 1895

Fitzsimmons, Thos., 5 Aug 1899

McCord, A. H., 31 Mar 1902 (Failed to qualify)

Cain, John R., 22 Dec 1902

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Brittain, Jas. H., 12 Apr 1893

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