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DeWalt, Texas

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Jackson, Chas. H., 9 Apr 1898

Loewnecker?, Chas., 24 Sep 1900

Bertrand, Ed. G., 5 Jly 1901

Guild, Walter S., 22 Apr 1904

Trammell, Henry L., 2 Feb 1905

Dew, Geo. L., 1 Jun 1910


DeWalt Cemetery                                         Located near SH 6 [1993]

In 1845 Thomas Walters DeWalt (1822-1874) traveled from South Carolina and settled on nearby Oyster Creek. He soon established a plantation, and in 1850 set aside 1.2 acres of land for the burial of two sisters of Charlotte E. Brown, whom he married in 1858. However, the earliest marked burial here is that of Smyly DeWalt in 1869. The cemetery was formally set aside by deed in 1931. About 3.5 acres were added to the graveyard in 1983. Still in use, the DeWalt Cemetery is reserved for the DeWalt, Martin, Robinson, Roane, Bledsoe, and Cessna families.


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