Eloise Adams & Lillie Dew George Dew & Lillie


Jessie Robinson Maroney and Lillie Dew

Lillian And Hugh Dew




Lillie And Mantie Dew In Glider Swing

Lillie Dew and Friend At Dew House




Lillie Dew and Viola Davis In Cotton Field Maybe at TW House Sugar Mill

Lillie Dew










Lillie Dew

LillieDew & Elousie Adams & Jessie Robinson Group 1922



Lillie Dew & Ernesting Carol & Mantie Veal Dew In 1914 Overland Mode l79

Lillie Dew And Jessie Robinson Maroney

Lillie Dew

Lillie Dew In the  glider swing


Lillie Dew On Car

Lillie Dew On the Steps












Lillie Dew Standing Summer 1922

Lillie Veal Dew & Jesse Dew & Robbie Hutchings  & Charlene Hutchings & Unknown Boy



Mantie And Lillie Dew On Porch

Mantie Dew On Blue Ridge

Robbie Hutchings & Charlene Hutchings & Lillie Dew & Jessie Robinson

Viola Davis & Lillie And Manti Dew


Viola Davis & Lillie



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