Fulshear, Texas


Town of Fulshear                     Marker is located in Fulshear on FM 1093 [1971]

On July16, 1824, a land grant of Mexico to Churchill Fulshear, one of the "Old 300" settlers of Stephen F. Austin, Father of Texas, Churchill Fulshear, Jr., later a veteran of Texas War for Independence, built a 4-story brick mansion in 1850s, bred and raced horses at churchill downs [at Pittsville, 2 miles north]. His pupil, John Huggins, won world fame by training the first American horse to win the English Derby.

Where was 'Churchill Downs'?

The town platted here in 1890 by San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad, and soon was a trade center, with many facitilities. The Reverend J. H. Holt was the first [1894] pastor of the still existent Methodist church.      Read more    Churchill Fulshear

Civil War Fulsher [Fulshear] Camp. Located on Fulshear Farm near Brazos Headquarters at Xavier Debray's 26th Texas Cavlery Regiment and Company B, Captain E. B. Millet's 32nd Texas Calvery.  Galveston Weekly News 1865


Wimberly, Julius C., 30 Sep 1880

Discontinued 28 Mar 1881

[Apparently re-established]

Ford, Wm. M., 26 Mar 1890

Seay, Wm. M., 25 Jly 1890

Quinn, Jas. H., 9 Dec 1890

Nesbitt, Wm. L., 17 Mar 1894

Briscoe, Leigh A., 9 May 1904

Avis, Lucy Briscoe, 10 Jly 1928

Bentley, Minnie B., 3 Jun 1929

Fulshear Cemetery              Located near intersection of FM 359 and FM 1093 [1994]

More than six acres here of the Mexican land grant acquired in 1824 by "Old 300" colonist Churchill Fulshear, Jr., were donated to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, by Churchill Fulshear, Jr., in 1851. Originally Union Chappel Cemetery, it was renamed Fulshear for the town that developed here in the 1890s. The first recorded burial is that of Mahalia Sparks in 1850. A church building and school were erected here in the 1850s. The church relocated to fulshear in 1894. Original church trustees were Randolph Foster, the Rev. John Patton, J. W. Miller, G. D. Parker, William Wade, and E. H. Kemp.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery         Located in Fulshear, 6407 Bois d'Arc Lane (Bois d'Arc at Red Bird Ln)

Pleasant Hill Cemetery In 1910, I.G. Mayes conveyed two acres of land from the Mason Briscoe estate to the Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church at this site. Around 1930, community residents and church members began using the land behind the sanctuary as a cemetery. The first marked grave, that of Will Brown, dates to 1933; there is evidence of unmarked graves that may, however, indicate earlier burials. The cemetery, which also served as the site for a school and a church, features many handmade concrete grave markers, as well as veterans' graves.


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