HOBBY, TEXAS. Hobby was two miles north of the International-Great Northern Railroad between Fresno and Stafford in eastern Fort Bend County. It was named for William Pettus Hobby, twenty-sixth governor of Texas, whose maternal grandfather, Dr. John Pettus, had settled in Fort Bend County in 1858. In 1921 the Hobby community opened a post office, which closed in 1943. In 1945 the community reported a population of thirty and one business. After the mid-1940s no population figures were available for Hobby. It was not shown on the 1987 county highway map.

Stephen L. Hardin


Bulsovski?, Billie C., 14 Feb 1921

Rodgers, Mrs. Jas. G., 5 May 1924

Rodgers, Mary F., 1 Aug 1924

Goetsch, Mrs. Leonard R., 11 Jan 1928

Goetsch, Mildred H., 30 Jan 1929

Brown, Mrs. Lloyd A., 22 May 1929

Brown, Mrs. Jean I., 10 Dec 1929



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