Life Yesterday on the Brazos River

Before Mexico and theTexas Colonists

The Indians Were Here

Texas, before it was Texas

Mexican Texas   Spanish Texas, 15191821 (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1992) to 1827

Texas History Timeline  Before 1500 to January 10, 1901

Diseases and Epidemics

Class Designations for Settlers  

Definitions of a League, Cito etc 

The Republic of Texas declaration of Independence

RUNAWAY SCRAPE by Delue Harris     The Runaway Scrape started after the Battle of the Alamo when Santa Anna started chasing Sam Houston with his burn and destroy tactics. The settlers fled across the Sabine River for safety in Lousianna, then part or the UNITED STATES. The Runaway Scrape ended with the Battle of San Jacinto victory.   

The Texans Win Independence

The following link is the complete book of             


The Republic of Texas as a Nation

Texas A Nation 1836 to 1845

See what was the Republic of Texas on a modern map  [Compliments of Bruce Grethen, member of the Fort Bend County Historical Commission in the year 2015] [PDF]

The Republic of Texas as a Nation

merges with

The Republic of America as a Nation

The Shape of the Republic of Texas, 1836 to 1845  

Early Transportation 


Railroads in Fort Bend County

The Civil War

The Civil War and Fort Bend County

The links below are to the places in Fort Bend County, Texas that exist today or have existed in the past. 

The Duke Community  Ghost town  [marker] same location as Clear Lake,Texas


The Arcola Community  


Fresno, Texas        Was  Riceton, Texas Was  Malvern, Texas


Hawdon, Texas    Ghost town


House, Texas   Ghost town   [Also shown located at Arcola Sugar Mills]


Juliff, Texas  Ghost town


Trammells, Texas   Ghost town  


Emelia, Texas   Ghost town


Herman, Texas  Ghost town    


Burnside, Texas  Ghost town   


Sugar Land Junction, Texas  


DeWalt, Texas  Ghost town   [marker]  


 The old Brisco pumping station [photo] was near the road from DeWalt to Thompsons. The bridge over the Brazos River washed out.


Dyer, Texas   Ghost town  [Shown on 1936 map at a different location NW of  Rosenberg]


Hobby, Texas  Ghost town  same location as Blue Ridge, Texas   


Smada, Texas  Ghost town   Shown on the 1915 map 

 Located at Hwy 6 and old Mill Rd  [FirestoneStore] In Sugarland,Texas                                                     


Stafford, Texas     [marker]  Was  Staffordsville   Was   Stafford's Point     


Coalson, Texas  Ghost town


Fifth Street, Texas   


Meadows, Texas  


Missouri City, Texas   [marker]   


Harlem, Texas   Ghost town   Eventually becomes Sugar Land, Texas


Hodge's Bend, Texas   Ghost town    Eventually becomes Sugar Land, Texas


Walker Station  [Links to 1830-1890 literature]  Was renamed Sartartia 


Sartartia, Texas   Eventually becomes Sugar Land, Texas


Convict Camp, Texas    Ghost town     Eventually becomes Sugar Land


Sugar Land, Texas  [marker]  


Cabell, Texas  Ghost town  Shown on the 1915 map


Hickey, Texas  Ghost town  

  Part of the Sugar Land Railroad  that ran west from Sugar Land to Cabell and then west to Hickey.


Cole    Ghost town   A  stop on the Sugar Land RR in 1925. Located between Cabell and  Sugar Land


Elmore   Ghost town  A  stop on the Sugar Land RR in 1925. Located between Cabell and  Sugar Land


Pryor   Ghost town    A  stop on the Sugar Land RR in 1925. Located between Cabell and  Sugar Land


Imperial, Texas    Ghost town   A  stop on the Sugar Land RR in 1925. Cabell and  Sugar Land


Dorothy, Texas   Ghost town  


Riddick, Texas   Ghost town    


Clodine, Texas  [marker]  Shown on the 1915 map


Cinco Ranch, Texas   


Manchester, Texas  Ghost town  


Pecan Grove, Texas 


Foster Community, Texas  Ghost town   [marker]


Flewellen, Texas  Ghost town  


Fulshear, Texas    [marker]  


Rhemond, Texas  Ghost town  Located northeast of Simonton towards Pittsville or Fulshear.


Simonton, Texas  


Pittsville, Texas    [marker] Ghost town  


Fayetteville, Texas  Ghost town


Gaston, Texas  Ghost town  


Site of Thompson's Ferry    [marker]  


Oyster Creek


Civil War period Texas Star sword belt buckle found in southern Fort Bend County.  Confederate Hat Star found at Sieana.              



The towns listed above were on the east side the Brazos River. The towns listed below were on the west side of the Brazos River. The first bridges built across the Brazos were railroad bridges,  starting in about 1875. To appreciate how this river divided the county, the next time you want to cross the river,  DON'T USE A BRIDGE.                    


Helinora, Texas  Ghost town


Thompsons, Texas    Was also Thompson's Switch  


Booth, Texas    [marker]  


Brazos Bend State Park  


Big Creek, Texas   Ghost town  On Sawmill Rd near Brazos Bend State Park


Crabb, Texas  Ghost town   


Greatwood, Texas  


Richmond, Texas  [marker]


Rosenberg, Texas  [marker]


Damon Junction


Cumings, Texas  Ghost town  


Pleak, Texas  


Fairchildes, Texas   [marker]


Needville, Texas  [marker]


Hanson, Texas    Ghost town


Long Point, Texas   Ghost town


Guy, Texas  


Sena Railroad Junction


Mooredale, Texas Ghost town Located south of Guy


Marlow, Texas  Ghost town   Also Marlow Point -Located south of Needville


Boone, Texas  Ghost Town   Located west by southwest of  Needville


Damon, Texas


Cottonwood, Texas   Ghost town


Beasley, Texas     [marker]  


Powell Point, Texas   Ghost town


Kendleton, Texas  [marker]


Tavener, Texas  Ghost town  


Randon, Texas     Ghost town  


Wenzell, Texas   Ghost town  Located near Randon


Orchard, Texas  [marker]  


Katy, Texas   Was located on State HWY 73, now known as I-10.


Cleveland, Texas      Ghost town in Fort Bend County   Location unknown


Germania, Texas      Ghost town in Fort Bend County  Location unknown


Vossville, Texas      Ghost town in Fort Bend County  Location unknown

1890 map sketch of east Fort Bend County

1915 map of east Fort Bend County

1936 map of Fort Bend County

1955 map of Fort Bend County

Texas Atlas

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Antebellum days

Treaties of Velasco

The Excavation of Primitive life

Texas Declaration of Independence

How did Casper Wyoming obtain independence from Mexico?

The river flowing through Albuquerque vs. New Mexico's port of entry from Mexico.

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