Missouri City, Texas

Missouri City     Marker is located at Missouri City Junior High School, US 90A at Louisiana St. [1981]

In 1890 Houston realtors R.M. Cash and L.E. Luckel began a real estate development here, promoted to attract settlers from Missouri and Illinois. The settlement was established on four sections of land purchased from the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado Railroad. In 1894 the townsite of Missouri City was platted on the property of W.R. McElroy of Houston. The early growth of the community was hindered by two major natural disasters that struck the area. In 1895 a severe snowstorm caused extensive damage. Many residents, attracted to the coastal region by the mild climate, were discouraged and left for other areas. In 1900 a destructive hurricane hit the town, leaving only three homes standing. Despite the early setbacks, the settlers rebuilt and Missouri City became a flourishing town. Oil was discovered here in 1920 and a salt mine opened a few years later. The economic development of the area, which included ranching and farming, helped make the town a major railroad shipping center. Missouri City incorporated in 1956 and Robert A. Stallings served as the first mayor. The community schools, established at this site in 1895, became part of the Fort Bend Independent School District in 1959.     Read more


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Robinson House                       Located in Missouri City at 302 Main [1985]

A native of Arlington, Texas, Emerson R. Robinson (1876-1945) moved to this area with his family in 1894. Robinson operated the mercantile store in town, served many years as postmaster, and was on the Missouri City School Board. This home was constructed for his family during the early 1900s. Doric columns support the porch, with top and side windows at the front entry. The home remained in the Robinson family for over 70 years.


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