Orchard, Texas

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Chenoweth, Wm. S., 12 Apr 1893

Graves, John T., 16 Aug 1894

Gray, Jas. N., 8 Apr 1896

Ferris, Fred M., 29 Nov 1898

Wall, John L., 23 Dec 1899

Gray, Jas. N., 9 Dec 1901

Davis, Ed. L., 29 May 1902

Rhodes, Reca G., 10 Sep 1903

Williams, Frank L., 9 Mar 1905

Aylor, Geo. E., 2 Jan 1906 (Declined)

Aylor, Henry H., 24 Feb 1906

Corl, Jas. T., 7 Aug 1907

Vaughn, Chas. C., 16 Oct 1911

Barwick, Jas. F., 17 Jan 1913

Norvick, Jacob, 15 Mar 1919

Losack, Emilia, 25 Jan 1922

Akers?, Mrs. Emilia L., 8 Jun 1925 (Name cg'd by marriage)

Busch, Alvina, 5 Nov 1926

Lindsey, Alvina B., 23 Dec 1926 (Name cg'd by marriage)

Walger, Walter B., 23 Apr 1927

Poorman, Dorcas E., 22 Nov 1928

Aylor, Dorcas E., 17 Sep 1930 (Name cg'd by marriage)



Krasna Settlement                                     Located on SH 36 [2002]

Krasna Settlement In 1891, Francis Smith subdivided and sold property in this area. In 1892, he gave four acres for a school and church for Czech settlers forming the community of Krasna, which means beautiful in the Czech language. That year, local families built a school, and in 1893, it became part of Orchard Common School District. By 1894, it was part of the Krasna District, which included Connersville School for African American students. Two additional schools, Moravia and Central, were later built. Flooding and storms caused a decline of the settlement, and the Catholic Church at nearby Wallis (Austin County) attracted settlers; there was never a church at Krasna.


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