Waters Grave

Reffered to as the 'Waters grave' by the surounding residents, this grave has become a landmark. In the 1990's this location was 1/2 mile east of  the Santa Fe railroad bridge over the Brazos River and on the south side of the railroad. There were not any roads to this site. If one didn't have access to the Brazos River and a boat then the shortest route to the grave was to walk the railroad from Thompsons, on the Richmond side of the river, a distance of several miles. Today you can drive south on Sienna Plantation and turn right at the first intersection after the overpass of the railroad. Follow the signs to the Camp Sienna Sports Complex. As you enter the complex the sport fields will be to the right of a levy. Follow the levy [walk] to the railroad and the grave will be on your left.

Johnathan D. Waters is not buried here. This is a memorial to his wife, Clara Byne, who died in Galveston and was buried here.

Grave marker for Johnathan Waters wife, Clare.                                Clare Waters grave was relocated here from Galveston.


Small marker 'CLARE' a third marker is missing.                     Inscription on the base  is 'WATERS'.    

Born in 1829 Clare died in 1860.

Inscription on the large marker.

After Clare died Johnathan Waters married her sister.

The cemetery has been flooded many times.


The Civil War cost Johnathan Waters his fortune.


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