Powell Point

Powell Point is a small rural community on Farm Road 2919 two miles northwest of Kendleton in western Fort Bend County. In the 1890s the Powell Point School, so named because of  its location on the Elizabeth Powell land grant, was moved from Kendleton to a nearby black settlement, which then adopted the school's name. The school, a church, and several houses marked the Powell Point community on county highway maps in the 1930s. The school eventually became part of the Kendleton Independent School District. As late as the early 1990s, maps of the area showed a school, a church, and a cemetery at the site.

In 1831 when Elizabeth Powell aquired a league of land from the Mexican Government, she erected a two-story house which was commonly referred to as Stage Coach. The rest stop for travelers became known as Powell Point in her honor and included such invadiers as General Santa Anna who lodged there prior to reaching Harrisburg and San Jacinto. The song "The Yellow Rose of Texas" was said to have been written in her honor.

After the battle of San Jacinto, two remaining Mexican armies, one under General Filisola at Fort Bend, and the other under General Urrea at Brazoria, marched and met at Powell Point on April 25, 1836. On April 26, 1836, the combined troops marched west and crossed the Bernard River. Because of relentless heavy rain the army was trapped by the flooded San Bernard and Middle Bernard rivers. Their only option was a north westerly path toward what in now a large area of rice fields between the towns of East Bernard and Eagle Lake. This area, when wet, is a quagmire of soft mud three to five feet deep. On May 14, 1836, the Army was still a league away from the Colorado River. The men and anamals were exhausted, and their epuipment was in disrepair. This is the largest reason for there not being another attack on the Texians.


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